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In 2011 Telluride Rotary will not be running our typical all weekend 4x4 tour. We are giving ourselves a year to do a simplified one day tour for Rotarians and friends. In 2012, we plan to be back with our 25th annual full weekend tour. Join us when you are able for guided 4x4 tours in your own vehicle on Telluride's most famous and beautiful 4 wheel drive roads.

You'll experience trails such as Black Bear Pass, Governor Basin, Poughkeepsie Gulch and Imogene Pass. There are trails for all levels of driving ability from first-time 4-wheelers to experienced rock crawlers.

Beginners will find plenty of new and exciting challenges throughout the weekend  More advanced drivers will want to tackle Black Bear Backwards, the Telluride 4x4 Tour signature trail.  During the rest of the year the trail is one-way from Ouray to Telluride.  For the Telluride 4x4 Tour we go backwards, starting in Telluride.  The trail is rated DIFFICULT because of the switchback difficulties and not the roughness of the road.  There are incredible views of Bridal Veil Falls and Telluride below, crosses Ingram Falls and active mining areas, and is an unforgettable experience.

The much simplified 2011 tour for Rotarians and friends will include choice of all day Saturday tours and a home hosted fun BBQ after. Cost of the BBQ is $35.00 per person.

For Technical Information please contact Frank at hensen@fone.net.


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Telluride Rotary 4x4 Tour
'2011 Celebration for Rotarians & Friends'

Join us July 23rd for a special one day 4x4 tour!